About us

Indian food is a mix of a variety of spices and condiments. The array of spices gives the Indian cuisine the flavour that gets you licking your finger tips. Ganpati Resorts is one place where you will experience the Indian cuisine in its true flavour and aroma. We give you an experience that you will take back with you.
At Ganpati resorts, a 'dine out' is transformed into an exclusive 'dining experience' and it is here that one realises that Indian food does not lack any of the subtleties that make a nation's food transform from being just 'food' to fine cuisine.

The cuisine is a contemporary interpretation of classic Indian cooking. Utterly authentic and yet also of the times we live in. Each one of the dishes is reflective of a commitment to preserving authenticity, identity and to ensuring a stirringly sumptuous culinary adventure. In all our food items, there are aspects of the creative genius that is India.
Ganpati Resorts offers authenticity in each dish present on the menu and offers world class cuisines be it traditional Indian food, Continental, Chinese or Italian. Dining at Ganpati Resorts is a wonderful holistic experience; everything that greets you upon entering the place makes you feel special and pampered. Exclusive range of cuisine at the restaurant has a wide variety offering mouth-watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies. Exotic yet authentic, the Ganpati Resorts offers a fine dining experience with a five star feel and promises all food lovers a journey of specialised north west frontier cuisine with exotic picks from regions of Punjab and the Mughal era, at a substantial pricing.

With exclusive interiors and amazing lighting, comfortable chairs run down the space, it has the dazzling gold of the ceiling lamps shining off the gloss of the wooden tables. It offers a perfect place for dining for people to enjoy with their family and friends. Well planned seating areas help you to relax and enjoy the flavours of our food. The outside seating offers a natural ambience that takes gives the dining experience a perfect blend of luxury and nature.
At Ganpati Rsorts, you will find a magnificent blend of elegant surroundings, exquisite cuisine, pleasing decor and satisfying service, indulging all your senses. It is open throughout the day to let you enjoy lavish lunch, snacks at evening followed by sumptuous dinner.
It is surrounded by the serenity and greenery of nature. There are lots of nearby attractions to visit around. The Fatehpur Sikri Fort being the best eye-catching sight of the place. It is here that you get to experience some of the world-famous architectures. Be it the captivating deserted city of Fatehpur Sikhri, the white marbled splendour of Taj Mahal, or the revered Jama Masjid that is striking exemplar of Mughal style.